Face to the consumption changes, cereal bars respond to the snacking trend. Composed of cereal and fruits, they are a tasty solution for those who take care of their health.

The three most important segments are granola bars, nutritive bars and fruit bars. According to a Global Data survey, the cereal bars sector is expected to see a 3.2 % increase in volume and 7.4 % growth in value from 2019 to 2023.

Growth rate in value and volume of the segments of the Bakery and Cereals category
between 2019 and 2023

Source : Global Data, September 2020

Cereal bars is the fastest-growing segment of the Bakery and Cereals category, on a dynamic market. Convenience will remain a key purchase influencer over the coming years, evidenced by the projected growth of both cereal bars and energy bars.

To support this change of consumption patterns, Aptunion offers a range of products adapted to the different bar cereals segments. Our fruit pieces and hearts enable to propose tasty and healthy snacking products. Pieces and hearts are products adapted to this type of applications thanks to their technical features (organoleptic, low humidity and low water activity, …)

Aptunion range of fruits pieces and hearts proposes different flavours which correspond to the trend: blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, orange, lemon. Natural products, tailor-made and preservative-free.

Moreover, based on its know-how, Aptunion provides personalized solutions, in order to meet the specific needs of its customers.

To conclude, thanks to fruit hearts and fruit pieces, Aptunion answers to the increasing demand of the snacking market and offers a healthy and tasty alternative for cereal bars.

You can find our products on: www.aptunion.com