Fruits pieces
Clean Label

Fruits pieces “Clean Label“
with pectin MADE IN FRANCE

Our Clean Label fruit pieces / fruit pearls are created using a unique procedure from a selection of fruit purees textured with pectin then dried.







Made with fruit purees or fruit juice concentrates

Clean Label with a short list of ingredients

Natural origins

Fruit pearls in topping

Gluten free

Soft texture

Free-flow inclusion (non-sticky)

Natural colouring and flavouring

Intense flavour and colour

Stable for cooking and freezing

Packaging available in 500 g and 10 kg 

Sizes : 1mm to 1 cm

High fruit content : > 35 %

Water activity : < 0,7

Humidity : 10 to 15%

Specific fruit
pieces can be
developed on request

All types of fruit
and sweet flavours

Pectin is a natural gelling agent that comes from the skin of citrus fruits. It is very stable, with few calories and means that no additive (calcium) is needed for gelling.

To meet the new trend of reduced sugar products, we are currently working on a recipe for fruit nuggets with sugar free.