Snacking opportunities continue to growth on the global market. In Europe, the main selection criteria are indulgence, health, texture, sustainability and convenience. Indeed, innovation around texture is a way to enhance flavours.

Snacking market is challenged by new products whose flavour is more and more original.

“High-fibre” claims are very acclaimed by the consumers in order to increase satiety and reduce absorption of sugars by the blood. They are also very fond of nuts and seeds-based  food.

To satisfy the market needs, Aptunion offers an ideal range to treat your taste buds !

Composed of fruit pieces and fruit hearts, Aptunion will seduce you with its intense fruit products. They are adapted to your technical constraints (organoleptics, low activity of water, etc.). Our products are as well tasty as natural and preservative-free.

We can develop personalized  and unique flavours at your leisure like Apple-Hibiscus, Orange-Ginger,  Lemon-Pepper, etc.