How to talk about Provence without mention lemon? Lemon is a citrus which has several benefits on health. Is is an essential ingredient in Provence and even more in Aptunion.

History of lemon

Lemon is progressively introduced in medieval food where it is used as an acid for the seasoning of food. Phylogenetic studies in 2016 have shown that lemon was born in the Mediterranean and is the result of a hybrid between bitter orange and cedar. Since 1934, Menton celebrates lemon each year during two weeks, at the time of Shrove Tuesday.

Lemon, a citrus with many virtues

Lemon belongs to the citrus group. With an oval shape, bright yellow or pale yellow and with a thick peel, lemon has an acid flesh. It provides a very scented and tangy juice. Zest is appreciated in cooking and confectionary. There is a large variety of lemons. Currently, there are seven PGI (Protected Geographic Indication): six in Italy and one in France with the lemon of Menton since October 2015. Located at the Italian frontier, Menton benefits from a particular climate and provides an exceptional lemon.

Production of lemon

Europe is the first world’s largest producer of lemon, representing 28 % of the global total. Mediterranean Basin, where there are more than 9 million of lemon trees, has become the main region of production. Lemons are more and more consumed, trend which has been reinforced in 2020 with the pandemic. Indeed, lemon is rich in vitamin C, which contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. The abundance of lemon in vitamin C encourages healing and has a strong antioxidant power. Flavoinoids present in lemon support cardiovascular health and have an anti-inflammatory virtue. Thanks to its positive effects on health, lemon has become an essential element of cooking.

Lemon in Aptunion

Lemon is a key ingredient in Aptunion. We can find candied lemon in different forms (slices, strips, cubes, etc.), lemon pieces or even lemon hearts. With its acid flavour, lemon is the ideal accompaniment for your daily recipes, sweet or savoury.

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