Located in the Luberon Regional Natural Park in Apt, Aptunion is a company specialised in the manufacturing of candied fruits.

Its proximity with orchards enables it to produce candied fruits Made in Provence. Moreover, it has been rewarded in 2017 by the EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) which distinguishes craft know-how of French excellence.

We propose a large range of candied fruits whom the most appreciated are cherries, citrus (lemon, orange, clementine), melons, watermelons, etc. You can find them in different shapes : whole, cubes, slices, strips, pastes, etc.

Candying is based on the osmosis phenomenon that is to say water of the fruit is replaced by sugar. It depends on specific physic-chemical settings.

The end of candying is determined by the Brix level. Indeed, the Brix scale is used to measure the percentage of dry soluble residue. The higher the brix is, the sweeter the fruit is.

Our fruits are carefully preserved after harvest.  Then they are soaked in sugar baths to different Brix levels during 10 to 12 days. This long process allows keeping all the organoleptic properties of the fruit.

We also want to respect our commitments about sustainable development. Some fruits are naturally coloured and candied without preservative.

Moreover, we want to offer the best products to our customers  while remaining in a environmentally friendly approach.

Candied fruits are part of our history and we perpetuate each day our know-how combining tradition and modernity !