With 91 % of French people who consume organic products, this market attracts more and more. With the sanitary crisis, consumers are being more careful about their health. A consumer survey (GlobalData,  2021) shows that the demand for natural and organic products is gaining momentum. Indeed, 33 % of consumers are driven to purchase products that are said to be organic. Organic products represent 9 % of their food expenditure.

Face to this trend, Aptunion is launching its own organic range.


Aptunion meets the trends

Anchored in a responsible approach and environmental-friendly approach, Aptunion has launched its first organic range of candied fruits. This organic range reflects the global strategy of the company. Adapted to different applications, these products allow to better meet the expectations of customers and consumers in search of naturality and healthy products.

Face to the increase of chocolate products with fruit pieces, Aptunion decided to follow this trend.  It begins to propose candied orange and lemon pieces, the most present flavours on this tasty market which mix so well with chocolate.


Organic products


Currently, the organic range is composed of candied orange and lemon strips with and without dextrose, candied sour cherries, cubes of candied orange and lemon, slices of candied yellow melon and  candied orange and lemon hearts coated with rice flour.   The addition of rice flour allows to desucrate fruit hearts with a gluten-free material. It is an alternative to the coating of fruit hearts to obtain a non-sticky appearance and a soft texture. Without additives and preservative-free, these products are mainly composed of fruits and sugar.

On the applications side, melon is particularly used for the calissons manufacturing, speciality of Provence. Orange and lemon strips are used for the famous orangettes and …Their non-sticky texture is ideal and easy to use for all type of applications like chocolate, pastry, etc.

Every day, Aptunion adapts and anwers to the demand of consumers enlarging its range and offering organic, healthy and tasty products.


New regulations


The launch of Aptunion’s organic range involves the introduction of new rules. In R&D formulation, the first step is a sourcing of raw materials with an organic certificate.

The ingredients may also appear on a positive list of Authorised Products in «No Organic» up to 5% use in the recipe. Flavours and colours are “biocompatible”.


In production, an audit is realized each year by the Bureau Veritas certification body. Workshops and equipment are cleaned before any organic production. All organic raw materials are identified and organized by separating organic ingredients, semi-finished or finished organic products from the rest of the production.


We have also implemented a specific planning adapted to the requirements of organic. This range requires a separate traceability.


Our R&C center is at disposal of customers to create personalized recipes and share its expertise.