After the launch of its biogas plant, Aptunion carry on investing in new projects like a new factory. This clearly shows how dynamic the company is and its desire of development, carried by Mireolian group.

In order to meet customer demands, environmental constraints and changes in quality standards, Aptunion is investing in a new factory. It allows the transfer of the nuggets and the fruits hearts activity from Gargas site to the one of Apt. This investment represents a global envelope of several million euros.

The feasibility study for this project has began in April 2019. Several months were needed to carry out the technical and financial studies and to select providers, by giving priority to local players.

Concrete work has started since September 2020.

Regarding the building, the end of construction is scheduled for August 2021. We plan to start producing on the new site in early 2022.

We are proud to be able to carry out this new project and we will keep you informed of its progress in the months to come.