Ecovadis is a French startup that has evaluated more than 45,000 companies worldwide.
It rates the CSR approach of companies on environmental issues, on social issues, on human rights, on ethics and responsible purchasing, with a platform.
We are proud to announce that APTUNION is one of the top 2,000 companies among the 45,000 member companies, so that we are among the 7% with the highest rating of Ecovadis.
A good score which can be explained by our everyday involvement in improving our CSR policy.
Ecovadis established its rating according to 4 points: the environment, human rights, ethics, and sustainable purchasing.
4 scoring points where we scored higher than the companies average for each of the 4 points.
With this evaluation, APTUNION demonstrates its very good level of investment in CSR policy. A voluntary approach aiming to integrate into the company’s strategy the issues of sustainable development, in the medium and long term;