Did you know that the clementine origin Corsica is the only French clementine?

It was at the beginning of the 20th century, near Oran that Mr. Clément discovered it… Hence his name: Clémentine.

The first clementines were planted in Corsica in 1925 by Don Philippe Semidei. And unlike the other clementines, the Corsican does not undergo any treatment after being picked by hand, and at maturity.

With a Protected Geographical Indication Quality (PGI) label obtained in 2007, which guarantees the respect of a very strict quality charter, it is recognized thanks to its very fine skin, its orange color, the absence of seeds and its delicately sour taste.

Candied clementine is a melting delight with a perfect balance between fruit and sugar. Gourmet and tasty, it will remind you of Mediterranean memories. So do not hesitate any more and discover our exquisite Clementines origin Corsica candied and drained for the pleasure of taste.

Now you have just to taste!