Candied Fruit

Candied Cherries and Amarena

At the heart of Aptunion's core business is the Glace Cherry. Unique and unrivalled, the Aptunion glace cherry is the symbol of our company and forms an intrinsic part of our success.

Using only the finest of harvested raw materials, the napoleon Bigarreau cherry is selected for its excellent shape and texture. Carefully harvested in Provence in the south of France and destoned, only the best fruit is candied by a slow osmotic infusion process. This allows for creation of a glace cherry of the highest quality, shape and texture. Our glace cherries come in a variety of forms, with a captivating range of colours and syrup compositions. Glace Cherries are a perfect ingredient for baked goods, desserts, confectionery, ice cream and decorations.

Product Range:

Candied Cherries: Red, Green, Yellow and Natural Colour Glace Cherries.

Amarena: Amarena Cherry drained or in syrup.

Citrus Fruits

Derived from top quality citrus fruits, our well known lemon, orange and cedrat peel are cubed and candied to give a final product of the highest quality, taste and colourful appearance. Our citrus peels have no added colour or preservative and are bursting with citrus essence. Available in a wide variety of forms: slices, quarters, halves, strips, vermicelli and pastes, our citrus fruit transform the most ordinary recipe into a tangy exotic one.

Product Range includes: Orange, Lemon and Citron cubes, strips and quarters.

Candied Fruit Cubes

The candied fruit cube range includes melon and watermelon cubes in a variety of colours (natural, red, green and yellow). Aptunion also provides candied papaya and candied vegetable cubes. The cube range is available in either individual colours or a macedoine mix with citrus peels and cherries.

Product range includes: Watermelon, melon, papaya.

Semi-Candied Fruits

Aptunion's semi-candied fruits are obtained from our innovative osmotic process using whole frozen fruits. This gentle process results in a fruit ingredient with a lower sugar level which retains its key organoleptic properties, giving excellent fruit flavour and colour. The product retains a soft texture even at frozen temperatures and remains intact after industrial processing. Due to the lower sugar content, Aptunion's semi-candied fruits are popular in ice cream, cakes, tarts, mousses and cookie applications.

Product Range includes: Yellow fruits, red fruits and citrus fruits.

Noble and Glazed Candied Fruits

The secret of excellence in traditional candied fruit lies in selecting the best fruit - ripe, full of colour and aroma.

The traditional candied process, where the fruit is soaked in a succession of increasing concentrated syrups, allows the sugar to replace the water in the fruit. This delicate process of osmosis is carried out over several days allowing a specific sugar concentration to be achieved. This naturally preserves the fruit without impairing the natural and original fruit flavour. A fine sugar solution may be added to glaze the fruit, creating a gourmet confectionery fruit product.

Aptunion's high quality drained and glazed noble fruits are an excellent gourmet eat, as a decoration fruit on a fine patisserie or perhaps given as a gift.

Product range includes: Clementine, melon, lemongrass stick, Kiwi, Peach, Apricot, Pear and many more.

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