The ethos of Aptunion lies in our commitment to quality. Our mission and passion is to deliver the highest quality products to our customers, driven by our Eye for Quality program.

We believe that quality begins with the fruit and raw material plantations. We work directly with our producers, transferring know-how and agriculture techniques. Aptunion has a strong supplier audit program, allowing us to source the highest quality raw materials for our customer's products.

Our drive is to ensure we master the quality, hygiene and food safety of our products. Aptunion has obtained BRC and ISO 14001 certification for our productions facilities at Apt. We work to industrial best practices of HACCP and our automated processes, high technology and internal quality control laboratory allows for the highest of quality products. Each of our finished products must respect strict specification of product criteria.

Aptunion - the quality conscious partner

Aptunion has been operating quality management certified in accordance with the BRC, since 1999. The highest demands on quality exist at all levels of the production process and these requirements are passed on to employees and suppliers.

Product Safety and the environment

Our strict manufacturing standards guarantee the safety of our products for our customers.
We focus on continuing improvements in the quality and hygiene standards of the food ingredients we manufacture. We provide full traceability of all our products and their primary components back to the fields where they were initially harvested.

Aptunion - 84400 Apt - France