The bigarreau cherry sector

a local sector for a global market

200 farmers in Provence
4 farmer organisations to pool resources
to pool energies
APTUNION: a company firmly rooted in the Apt-Lubéron
Candied Provence fruits celebrated all over the world.
APTUNION exports to over 50 countries.

bigarreau cherry orchards in the heart
of the lubéron regional nature
park (south-east france)

Partner fruit farmers

Hectares of orchards

Tons of fruit harvested

Local business > 18 M€

An organization of bigarreau producers of industry
and candied fruit manufacturers
Contractual relations for a
pooling of facilities, staff, know-how

integrated fruit production

Orchard modernisation

Production that prioritises sustainable agriculture, in line with consumer expectations and environmental concerns.
The organisation follows integrated fruit farming specifications (sustainable agriculture).
Huge cherry tree planting programme.
150 hectares of new cherry orchards planned.

Financial commitment of industrial companies and farmer organisations to help planting: investment of €70,000 / year

Commitment of industrial companies to purchase
100% of French production