Technical Development, knowledge and creativity is the fuel that powers our company. Our business is about providing customised solutions for our customer's applications. Thus, we maintain significant investment in R&D, to best suit our customers' expectation.

Aptunion has a technical centre based at Apt. Each of our application laboratories is equipped with state of the art equipment for the technologies we develop. Our technical centres for candied fruit and fruit nuggets have specialised team of technologists to develop innovative ingredients for our key partners.

In addition to our technologists, we have a team of marketers who track new flavours and consumer product development to help the application team keep apace with the changing demands of customers and markets. We are always actively on the look out for new trends and ideas, which we combine with experiences from the past. Innovations are not just as the result of a creative brainstorm, but also the result of a structure innovation process, market trend tracking, understanding of consumer applications and development work.

Aptunion also has a team of experienced process technicians on hand for our customers. These process technicians will help adapt our process line standards and equipment to ensure we satisfy high product quality standards and complex product solutions

Along with our core competences in candying and processed dried fruit, Aptunion benefits from the global network of food ingredient expertise coming from the Kerry Group.

Aptunion - 84400 Apt - France