Who we are

Aptunion Fruit Ingredients stands for quality, innovation, creativity and dynamism.

Aptunion, based in Apt - Provence, France, was founded in 1964 by a collective of family confectioners who specialised in the manufacture of candied fruit, in particular Glace Cherries.

Aptunion has risen to begin an industry leader in candied fruits and dried processed fruit inclusions.

The mission of Aptunion is to provide to our customers' products a real added value allowing them to be differentiated on the market, thanks to the use of our ingredients.

Aptunion's ingredients represent an added value for our customers' products since they are innovative, with high quality and value for money, and they have competitive prices.


  • It is the key success factor of Aptunion's strategy.
  • Each year, numerous resources are invested in R&D in order to face to an evolving environment and to produce the best application solutions to our customers.
  • Our dynamic and creative teams work directly with our customers, developing their ideas and creating exactly the right tailor made product concepts to meet their needs.


  • It is the main component to establish a sustainable realtionship/partnership between Aptunion and its customers.
  • Since its creation, Aptunion is well known for its excellence in quality and service.
  • Nowadays, due to its expertise and its skills, the Aptunion fruit ingredients are considered as 'the reference' on the fruit processing market.
  • Thanks to its CRM system and its organisation, Aptunion is able to offer the best efficiency, reactivity and respect of the deadline for each of its delivery.


  • One of the competitive adavntages of Aptunion resides in the state of the art technologies and the patented process used in Apt factories.
  • These technologies insure an excellent output and quality.

Due to its core values - creativity, innovation, quality and productivity - Aptunion is a global leading specialist in fruit ingredients for the bakery, confectionery, cereal, snacks, chilled dairy and ice-cream market sectors.

Aptunion - 84400 Apt - France