Dried Processed Fruit Nuggets

Want to add value, a unique set of flavours, textures and colour to your applications?

Aptunion nuggets provide versatility to any passionate marketer. Our reconstituted functional fruit and confectionery pieces are obtained from a unique process which delivers fruit pieces in a bake stable, free-flow and low water activity format. Our nuggets have a retained piece identity, excellent mouth-feel texture and superior flavour release.

Our product range is second to none, whether it is a simple red, yellow or exotic fruit, a confectionery or vegetable piece. Aptunion can specifically design the technical parameters of the nuggets to suit all chocolate, confectionery, cereal, snack and bakery applications.

We have a dedicated research and development team in place to customise all pieces whether it be specific dice size (0,5-15mm), specific water activity, without added sugar product, moisture content, fruit content and application requirements.

The In2fruit Nuggets Range

Named Fruit Nuggets - Aptunion provides a vast range of named fruit nuggets containing 85% total fruit Orchard fruit, Citrus fruits, Berry Fruits and Exotic fruits. Amongst the favourites are Apricot, Orange, Raspberry and cherry.

Superfruit Nuggets - Fruits naturally enriched with polyphenols, fibres, vitamins and minerals such as pomegranate, cranberry,acerola, fig and raisin.

Wellbeing and Health - Our nuggets are the perfect carrier for added goodness coming from green tea,  ginseng, ginger, oat fibres, spices and many more.

Confectionery & Sweet Nuggets - Why not try our confectionery nuggets using a neutral base with no added fruit with can supply flavours such as buttery caramel, chocolate, fudge, honey...

Children's Range - Using the flavour profile kids love but without artifical flavours or colours and with no risk of foreign bodies; range included candy banana, lime, liquorice to name but a few.

Savoury Nuggets - Processed pieces with a named vegetable and spice content. All of our pieces are bake stable and adapted for many types of savoury applications. Examples include tomato, carrot, cheese, tex mex spices, and chilli pepper.


In application process:

  • Free Flow application
  • Batch size and easy to process
  • Bake and freeze-thaw stable
  • Size variability to suit all applications
  • Aw 0,3-0,7 and % Moisture 7-15%
  • Food safety no foreign bodies

Adding Value to your consumer products :

  • Versatile and large product range for innovation marketing variety
  • High visual appeal
  • Adds soft texture and unique mouth-feel to applications
  • Quality flavours with the taste of real fruit or confectionery
  • Customised size to suit every application

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