Bakery and Biscuits

Bakery and biscuits market has suffered due to obesity concerns. Consumers are looking for better quality products in terms of health benefits, great taste, convenience and satisfaction through an indulgent treat. There is a strong drive on original product innovation; whether it is the reduction of sugar/fat, the addition of fruit pieces as an inclusion or topping.

Aptunion provides a large variety of fruit and confectionery inclusions for the creation of original concepts: Candied fruit, dried infused fruits, bake-stable confectionery and fruit nuggets for fruit cakes, biscuits, cookies, muffins, sweet breads, croissants, scones, bagels, bakery mixes and home baking.

The bakery market in Europe is highly fragmented between small artisan bakeries and large FMCG manufacturers.

Aptunion caters of all supply channels, packaging sizes and customised products are available for all channels.

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