Fruits Nuggets
Clean Label

Fruits Nuggets “Clean Label“
with pectin

Our Clean Label fruit pieces are created using a unique procedure from a selection of fruit purées textured with pectin then dried.







Made with fruit purées or fruit juice concentrates

Clean Label with a short list of ingredients

Natural origins

Soft texture

Free-flow inclusion (non-sticky)

Natural colouring and flavouring

Intense flavour and colour

Stable for cooking and freezing

Sizes : 1mm to 1 cm

High fruit content : > 35 %

Water activity : < 0,7

Humidity : 10 to 15%

Specific fruit
pieces can be
developed on request

All types of fruit
and sweet flavours

Pectin is a natural gelling agent that comes from the skin of citrus fruits. It is very stable, with few calories and means that no additive (calcium) is needed for gelling.