Our Fruit hearts, a perfect range for ALL your recipe

To answer to the market trend with more naturality and without additives, Aptunion offers Fruit Hearts/

Made from whole and pieces of fruit candied or half-candied in a sugar syrup, these products allow a very short, clean and preservative-free ingredients list.

This range offers a real fruit taste with or without natural flavours : blueberry, cranberry, orange, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, apple, etc.

Moreover, their non-sticky texture allows an optimal use for all your applications.

Our recipes are tailored to your needs. They are bake and freeze stable thanks to their low water activity and low humidity.

Our fruit hearts are available in different sizes according to fruits characteristics from 0,5 mm to 12 mm. Then, they meet all your needs and all your applications: Chocolate, bakery-pastry, cereal bars, ice cream, confectionery, biscuits, …

Our R&D center is at your disposal for any tailor-made recipe, and ready to share its know-how and expertise.